Toroslar will help you with all the formalities of your purchase.

  • When you have decided to buy your property, an official document is drawn up between the seller and the buyer, concerning the price, details of payment and date of conveyance at the Land Registry Office. Both parties sign the document, which is explained to the foreign buyer/seller by the official translator.
  • Toroslar will assist you in obtaining a tax identification number and opening a bank account, at a local bank. So transferring money from your own country is easier.
  • There is a law in Turkey forbidding the purchase of property on military zones, therefore foreigners wishing to buy properties must apply to the TAPU office for permission from the military. The military investigation process takes approximately 2-3 months.
  • Once you have received approval from the military authorities you can proceed with the actual transaction.
  • Legal representatives or buyers go in person to the local land registry office '' tapu dairesi'' for conveyance. They are the only official body whom can transfer the title deeds. (TAPU in Turkish)
  • Performed in the presence of a land registry official, the transaction involves the current title deed holder, or their legal representative, giving consent for a new title deed (tapu) to be issued in the buyers name. An interpreter will be present to translate during the entire procedure. By this point the money for the transaction be paid in full.
  • As the legal owner, your name and details will now be on the title deed, copies of which is given to you and also kept at the registry office.

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