Reasons for Why Turkey

If you have always wanted to live abroad, Turkey may be the place for you. Besides being a lovely place to live you could also enjoy a substantial profit from any investment property in Alanya. There are so many reasons why this is a great place to live but here are just 10 of them.

  • Prices for property in Turkey are still low. You can easily find an apartment for around $38,000 or a villa for $130,000 to live in or rent out to tourists. Other countries have overextended themselves, like Spain, and no longer have affordable properties available for purchase. Turkey is still holding its own and even though property for sale in Turkey is becoming more and more attractive, prices are climbing slowly enough that you could still afford a home or apartment here.
  • Property taxes are low in Turkey making it one of the best places to purchase investment property. After four years there are no capital gains to worry about making your investment even more valuable when you buy property in Turkey.
  • You'll realize an excellent rate of return on your investment. Within just 6-8 years you could enjoy a nice profit from your rental property.
  • If you relocate there yourself you'll get to live among the ruins while still having access to the local shopping mall. Home to one of the 10 Wonders of the Ancient World, the rich culture of this country still shines through.
  • The scenic coast is home to four major bodies of water. No matter where you turn you won't be disappointed in the scenery. When you live in Turkey you are surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, the Aegean Sea, and the Marmara Sea.
  • The climate cannot be beat. Residents of Turkey get to enjoy summer weather from March to November every year. With the country surrounded by beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastlines, Turkey is indeed a beautiful place to live or visit.
  • Turkey has a low cost of living. Coming from the United States you may be surprised at the low cost of regular living in Turkey. Prices for food and utilities are kept low enough for people to be able to enjoy their lives here and not have to become workaholics just to cover their bills.
  • With its presence as an up-and-coming tourist town, it's more and more popular to seek out investment property for sale in Alanya. It is definitely earning the title of most popular hot spot for tourists. The addition of more and more flights to Turkey makes gaining access here even easier. The beautiful climate, sandy beaches and historical ruins make it an interesting and fun place to vacation.
  • The residents of this country welcome new residents and tourists with open arms. Most of the people who live in Alanya speak English and they will take the time to stop and chat with you. With more and more flights to Turkey added by several more airlines, the tourism season is booming. There is two airports: in Antalya-120 km, and Gazipasa-35 km.
  • The economy is strong in Turkey and just keeps getting better and better. Add to that the amazing cuisine of this country and you can live here and still enjoy the dining experiences that are available. In 2005, it became sixth in the world for GDP (gross domestic product) growth and economic growth for 2008, estimated at 6%, looks comfortably in reach.

No matter which reason you choose for living in Alanya you won't be disappointed. Financially and culturally you are in a place that has the right climate all the way around.

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