About Us - Chairman's Message

The construction industry, especially residential construction is a world based on happiness. We have a very difficult job. The construction phase is a difficult phase of project development, but it is also very enjoyable. To first design a building on an empty plot of land that one else can imagine, and then to watch that design come to life is a wonderful feeling. We are proud to bring to life projects that not only provide the comfort needed tКоличество комнатy, but that have been designed to exist in the furture and which are of a high quality and brand value.

We are not only giving each family we make home owners a house but we are also giving them hope and dreams. Buying a house mean buying a new quality and way of life. Everyday life presents us with new opportunities and people expectations for comfort and luxury naturally increase as a result of this. People are now working harder for a more secure and comfortable life and in the current living and working conditions people deserve this.

As Toroslar Construction and Investment we are a family which is growing and expanding everyday. With each project we get to experience two great moments of joy, the first one is the joy we feel when the project we have designed is completed and is exactly the way we planned it, the second is the when we see the pure happiness in the eye of our clients when they become home owners. For this reason those who purchase a home from us are not customers but our friends-our family!

As Toroslar Construction and Investment we will continue to prepare happy and comfortable homes for people.

  • Sekerhane Mh. Besim Aga Sk.
    Baba Apt. No:4 07400 Alanya


Строительно-инвестиционная компания Toroslar была основана 4 партнерами в 2000 году, но учитывая тот факт, что каждый из партнеров до объединения имел собственные фирмы в строительном секторе... ..более..

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